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Airbag Facts

Everything you Need to Know About Airbags

Most people know that somewhere inside the front of their car, there is an airbag that pops out during an accident in order to save a life. Sometimes there are many around the vehicle actually. They can see it in slow motion; car crashes, the passenger begins to sway violently forward, a huge, white, balloon-looking thing pops out from the dashboard just in time to appear as a pillow for the passenger whose head is currently swinging towards the dash.

You can picture it. However, for all the drama and emotion associated with airbags, most people don’t actually know a ton about them. The purpose of airbags is to protect people and prevent them from being violently thrust into hard parts of a vehicle, such as the glass windows, the steering wheel, the dashboard, and metal doors.

Airbags can cause pain

When was the last time the oil was changed in your car? What about tire rotation? Make sure you are maintaining your car on a regular basis. Your car will be hauling precious cargo, and you will want it to be ready to perform at its maximum level of efficiency. Prepare a maintenance checklist to check off each area of concern. Check all fluids, especially oil and fuel. With traveling extended distances, your tire pressure also needs to be checked. You will most likely be traveling at some point in the evening, so make sure your lights work properly. Also, check your turn signals, bright lights, and hazard lights.

They have a strange smell when they are deployed

You do not want to be stuck in a downpour with malfunctioning windshield wiper blades. Check to make sure they are working properly, and when you are checking your fluids, remember to top off your windshield wiper fluid. There is a good chance you may need to wipe away bugs from your windshield. It could be beneficial to also include Rain-X in your wiper fluid to assist with rain dispersal.

If you’re in a car crash, have your airbag checked

If your airbags are deployed in a crash, it’s important to have the car and the airbags checked out by a professional. You’ll want to make sure things are repaired properly and that your airbag will be there should you need it again.

Take your car in and have it checked out to ensure safety. Our professional team will check any computerized safety features, as well as ensure that the airbag is safe for drivers and passengers.

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